First week in Newcastle

   Endless raindrops, life-long gloomy days, waves and waves of pigeons, this is the picture of UK in my mind.
Looking out the window, I saw countless cornfields, unlike Hong Kong where I come from, I couldn’t see any skyscrapers here; unlike Hong Kong, I could see a clear sky in Newcastle.

   Being here for just a week, I no doubt have moment when I miss my family in Hong Kong, it actually applies to all the international students. Worries and apprehension are the hurdles that we all have to overcome; however, fortunately, I’ve met some splendid flat mates who share our anxiety and loneliness together. There are totally 5 people in my floor, 3 from china, 1 from Russia and 1 from Turkey. Though we come from different parts of the world, difference in nationality never tears us apart.

I love this photo very much, it was taken on the 30/9 which was my friend’s birthday.

We had a birthday party for her and it was my first birthday in UK, we had a delicious birthday cakes which bought from M&S. We were so happy though we all look serious in this photo.


On the other day, we went to the tyneside together and we had a great time there.
It was the first time that I can see the whole picture of Newcastle. We went to the Sage and took numerous photos there.


(inside the Sage)

My first week in Newcastle is wonderful, all my apprehension and worries go away.
I’m so excited as I know there is a completely novel world here waiting for me to explore, to sample the way of life in Newcastle, to learn the culture here.

This is an invaluable opportunity I will cherish it for sure. Wish I can have a fruitful life in UK.


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