I just finished my first test today,happy which was quite easy; however, I know things are going to be more difficult. Having studying in Into for couple weeks, I’ve noticed some manifest differences between the teaching style in UK and Hong Kong. pleased


First of all, despite the bustling timetable, classroom atmosphere is friendlier then in Hong Kong, teachers here prefer students to call their first name instead of miss or sir which are forbidden in Hong Kong as this may regard as impoliteness. Besides this, the scale of class is rather small, for instance, there are only seven students in my class, which implies that, it is easier to develop a closer ties between teachers and students.

Apart from the teaching style and classroom atmosphere, education here focus on more individual development, instead of dreary rote-learning, they put emphasis on students’ own thinking, they want their students become an all-rounder in lieu of a robot who just memorize all the books. However, it is not uncommon to see spoon- feeding education in Hong Kong; nearly every school adopts this system despite those international schools. It is sad that the education in Hong Kong stifles the creativity of students.


One may say that studying abroad is less pressing than in Hong Kong, this may be true if you go to America, however I profoundly disagree with this statement as a student in UK.whatevah The learning environment is great, teachers and students treat their academic work seriously, plagiarism is strictly prohibited, not only this displaying their attention to students’ own work, but also showing their respect to those scholars. I once heard from my friend from China, the hardest thing that for her to adapt is referencing, in China, referencing usually not at the top priority for writing an essay.angry


 Lastly, I believe these differences may be the reasons why people are captivated by the beauty of studying in UK. I sincerely warn those indolent people who want to study here as UK is definitely a wrong place to muddle along.happy


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