Time flies, I have been staying in Newcastle for a month. In these days, I’ve gone through a life which is so distinctive, exotic. I used to be a little princess who was spoiled by my parent, they prepared everything for me, I couldn’t imagine how to live without them, but now, I live by myself. No longer will someone wake me up at the morning, no longer will someone prepare breakfast and dinner for me, and no longer will someone scold at me to finish my homework. At first, I felt happy; however, as time goes by, I miss my home, Hong Kong. Fortunately, I had a fruitful month in Newcastle, I met a lot of new friends here, and it alleviated my homesickness a lot! Some people think they make a wrong decision to study abroad, what I reckon is completely opposite, I see this is an invaluable opportunity to grow-up, to nourish our soul and mind. By meeting different people and living by yourself, you will inevitably be more mature, especially living solitarily, this will definitely improve one’s problem-solving skill.


It is so sad that some people spend their days here in melancholy, as they only see the demerits of Newcastle, they never try to find the beauty of here. As what I firmly believe, we are not here to be a visitor but here to live. It’s different from looking a photograph but we are actually inside the photograph, part of the photograph, a part of Newcastle, a part of UK.

Here I want to extract a quote by William James, “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” I believe there are numerous interesting stories waiting for me. Happy life in Newcastle, happy life in UK!


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