Christmas is coming

Christmas in coming, shouldn’t i be excited about that?confused
the thing is…im going to spend my days here,knowing loads of my friends are going back to HK,
my heart is filled up with enviousness.

However, lets see the bright side..i am going to Barcelona, isnt is Great??!!
as i realize that, still a number of people are stalking my xanga, frequent update is expected!:)

so..todays topic: Newcastle China Town

Is a place that not only attracted by Chinese people but also the denizen.
With a plenty of marvelous stores and restaurants,
a bottomless pool of people go there for the sake of dining or simply to go through the life of Chinese.
Restaurants are delicious and proffering a variety of food with reasonable price.
One of the restaurants that I recommend is King Neptune, a sumptuous Chinese restaurant serving good Peking and Sichuan cuisine.
Lovely decoration and cozy atmosphere allow you to enjoy your genuine Chinese meal in joy.
Besides restaurants, it is also renowned for its traditional Chinese store.
The most famous Chinese store there is Wing Hong Chinese Supermarket.
From ordinary Chinese rice to those peculiar Chinese seasoning,
it will never bore you as you can find many extraordinary products there which you might have never seen in UK.

Furthermore, vibrant New Year Celebration in Chinatown should also be noteworthy.
During this particular period, streets are specially decorated so as to create a festive ambiance.
Firecrackers, Chinese dragons, lions and Chinese acrobatics take place in there and thus attract loads of people to take part in this great festival.


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