just a pop-in idea.

What will the life be here without computer?I asked one of my fds via msn, here is his reply:
1.  你冇得用fb同睇youtube >個人好depressed>益屈>暴食>變肥婆
2.  你唔會買錯easyjet 機票而side多左100gbp

From his reply, seemingly fb and youtube have become an essential part of my life, true?
sitting infront of the computer, doing no more than checking facebook, chatting through msn, watching some funny-but-meaningless videos, these things
recur throughout my life here, dreary and pointless.bummed

Pride and Prejudice soundtrack got me thinking of my piano,
sometimes, it is a tacit comforter, with its presence, i can feel a sense of peace.
sometimes, it is a lullaby, by playing this lullaby, all your tiredness will be gone and fallen into sleep in no time.
sometimes, it is nothing more than a tool, or more precisely, a doll whereby you can give vent to your emotions by simply pressing the keys.
sometimes, it is merely a music instrument that offering us chances to admire the masterpieces of Bath or Chopin.


Life here, is not complete without it. Given no inclination to loiter around the town, really have to find something more worth-doing
something that can nourish my soul and spice up my life.

what about painting?clueless..Oh, finding a remedy is a must or i will die in the state of melancholy…put an end to the miserable days..<—-ok i know it sounds depressing.

Yes, i wasted 100pounds to buy the ticket to Paris, what an idiot.
But, the truth is Mr. Matthieu Clauzure got me to buy it. This reckless and absent-minded personcensored



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