screw you xanga, i’ve tried many times to change my profile pic, still doesnt work whatsoever!angry

I am listening to the Beatles: All You Need Is Love, yes i love the song and please shut up, mr.’Closeyour’
i know they used French national song as its opening……………………………..

Paris 6 days trip, pretty tiring but despite the fact that, i had been banished by ‘someppl’ from their room, which made this trip a little bit more intolerable.
i still enjoyed it!! but next time, please make me an exception in more than 2 ppl trip
i reli wish i could go with just 1 or 2 (max) ppl. 5 just too much…indeed…

 In spite of the “little” spat that i had experienced during the trip, i found myself reli have changed a lot, it is a radical change.
i would have spoilt the whole trip if i worn all my emotions on face as if i would kill someone at once, literally, i do no kidding about my temper.
To be honest, i am not that kind of person to lose my temper easily when sth is getting on my nerve, i would say, i can put up with many annoying stuff,
but when you really do sth that triggers my rage, i will become very VERY difficult to be with.
I give vent to my anger in various ways – kicking or smashing stuff or screaming…..
and you will find it is hardly possible to put me at ease even though you have tried loads of methods.
Most importantly, the dreadful situation would sustain more than an hour.
That is to say, you have to stay with a girl in very unstable emotion .
People who know me well describe me as a “quiet tiger” , i dont know when i gonna explode.

Ok, i know this put you in great dismay….and perhaps no one will willing to be friend of me after knowing this…LOL
when ppl do sth that is way out of line, it is perfectly reasonable to express your resentment.
But this time, i did not, i refrained all the possible unpleasant reactions and words.
I know that is nothing to be proud of……..

The feeling of the power of controlling the ambience …this is my first time to feel thatwinky

  Happy Easterheart





one week to go – Paris

my xanga is going to be the witness of embracing this ‘ ‘ world.
I could not think of any words to describe Paris,
the city is beyond expression. blush

i find myself have been hooked on fashion and seems no way to extricate from it…….
rmb someone told me at the time in HK,
“your life in UK is going to be preoccupied with complete new surrounding,
fashion will no longer magnetise you.
By the time you come back,
you will become a nerdy-tedious girl with no intention of dressing up yourself AT ALL.”
what an inspiring speech! however, things seem to go to the other way round,
I, Yvonne, have become a super fashion-lover and
the pursuit of real-fashion has never been wavered. 

After all, my infatuation for the “sparkling but extravagant” world will continue to live long and prosper. heart


Trench coat , classic must-have item really good fashion investment. BAGGED!!!laughing