Need to re-tune my life

These days in my life, i would call it ‘GO ASTRAY’
having been spent so much( tho everyone knows i am a fashion and skincare freak), it would definitely make
me feel better if my grades went in parallel with my money spent. bummed
days in misery and regret…..
for the misery part, things that i upheld, glorified, and dreamed about have vanished in my mind and dream.
I am in a predicament, on one hand i know how pressing this year will be, ‘make it or break it’
however, I just havent summoned up the determination, the laziness, the hedonism have imprinted on my mind, deeply, profoundly..

Sorry to my mum, and whoever has supported me, believed in me…

Time to re-tune my life, to retrieve my infatuation for the eternal pursuance of knowledge, 
and with my faith in myself, faith in my future….



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