Alan Tam’s music can always put me at ease..whenever i feel upset or catch in relentless stress…
been influenced by my dad, have been his fan since i was still in toddler…
i have been very moody lately, lost my temper easily, it  makes things worse that i am a pent-up person who just bottles up all the unpleasants.
or maybe i just take too much pride that wouldnt allow me to speak up…i will never comprehend some ppl’s mind as how they are liken their lives to.
for me, i think life is liken to a journey, a journey that you will never know how it ends.

Pathetically in contrast to that, there are in reality many ppl who have ever tried to tell or direct your way, authorities that you can by no means to set aside…


this time last year, was in Spain, admiring Picasso’s and Deli’s masterpieces…as well as tasting the delicious tapas and paella…
Travelling will only make you feel insignificant, tenuous,  with the things you’ve experienced through the trip will
only tell you how jaundiced you are, how big you think the world was…….
and i love that feeling…

my thirst for knowledge will never waver…….
wish i could sustain the same momentum when i was reading my law books…………tedious


Heading to Austria for Xmas

Yes, im going out AGAIN…just cant stand staying here all the time,
Life is just beset with stresses….either from study or anything…
UK, what a boring country
Austria, a country which is permeated by the smell of music, the joy of mozart.
ppl there pride themselves on the splendor of her history.

Slazburg has always conjured up memories of my childhood, sitting in front of the TV, watching The Sound Of Music, wondering when i have the
chance to go to places as gorgeous as there.


Being a piano player for years, it would be absolutely scandalous if you are unheard of Vienna
Streets are packed with Mozart images, concert posters…..just amazing

 Last, Hallstatt, one of the world heritages,  Hallstatter See is surrounded by numerous vivid-painted cabins, which has created an unprecedented 


Cant wait…..wish me having a superb holiday there!