taking nonsense seriously

seriously, i nearly forget about xanga, the only place i can be myself, a means to give vent to my emotions and thoughts. 

Indeed, i have witnessed and actually taken part in its prominence and now desolation, many have dispensed with it. Yet, i sincerely hope that it will not share the same destiny as MSN or ICQ. I cant help pondering upon the role that Facebook is currently playing, does it encourage you to write? or simply take thousands of photos featuring what you’ve eaten or such. you are not you on facebook, you are someone you want yourself to be considered as.how pathetic is that?
I do want to shut it down. but then i paused for a thought, “without other instruments such as MSN and so forth, i CAN NOT literally keep in touch with people. because EVERYONE is using it. if i did so will do nothing but isolate myself.” and then i think so perhaps let it be. i dont mind.i dont really need that many fds. do you?

hahah, this is what currently has bedeviled me.what a silly idea,but i am sure i can find an echo in somewhere..





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