just watched a video in Ted “Juan Enriquez: Your online life, permanent as a tattoo”

i find the topic resonates with the episode in Black Mirror :Be right back. it is a story pertaining to a  woman  (Martha) who is mourning for her husband’s (Ash) death who had been sharing everything on the Internal (basically the drama is set in the future where all the Internet social media instruments are connected). Traumatised by the loss and learning that she is pregnant, her only recourse is an avatar which she bought from the Internet( I find this bit is quite creepy) all the information Ash shared on the Internet has transferred and absorbed by the avatar, including photos,songs,videos. the avatar has the same voice, facial assembly even the way of talking. Martha becomes helplessly attached , they even have sex………………..one day she finally comes to realisation that she must put an end to this whole nonsense. The story finished in a birthday party for a girl who just turned to 6 and she is asking her mum if she could bring some cake to the man who has been living in the attic since her birth.


The story begs the question in terms of many things, morality, technology..so on
in future we will be threatened by immortality, as we all know the information in such form lasts longer than any of us. According to Juan, in the future we are only anonymous for 15 minutes. That’s jaw-dropping perhaps that’s why I don’t share everything on the internet as I am a very private person (don’t be silly, how ironic , what am I doing now?LOL)

One recommendation : don’t do any stupid thing in public coz it is highly probable that your descendant  will know. Thanks to …

I really think it is an argument worth rehearsing, one day,hopefully,people may come to aware this.blush



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