The Imitation Game

I was talking to my flatmate for the whole afternoon and was surprised that sometimes, even genius cannot escape the seemingly inevitable lesson which one must learn in his life – love. I have to say, I enjoy looking at the baffled face with his hands helplessly resting on his face. It makes me feel – normal again (you know, being around with a Cambridge grad. and now a D.Phil. to-be makes me feel daft!)

We went to watch the ‘The Imitation Game’ tonight, it was captivating, despite the deliberate underplaying of the highlighted technique which used to crack the code,namely, the Known-Plaintext Attack (KPA). After all, it is a commercial film, it is not intended to stir up any significant scientific debates (The contribution of Alan Turing is widely recognised and beyond questioning). People are expecting something dramatic, picturesque, something that can make you shed a few tears, not the bloody model of cryptanalysis.

What I get from the film is the struggle of an ‘abnormal’ person living in a highly judgemental world. A point to ponder upon – what makes you think that you are normal or abnormal? Is it because you wear dress so you are normal since you are a girl? Who decides the test of normality at first? How did you know if such decision was not made arbitrarily? We always think that if an action is done by a majority of people, it can be classified as normal or common. But what if the majority is doing something in fact unreasonable? Will the number outweigh the unreasonableness? At least this is what we have seen so far. Anyway, other than the KPA part, the director delivered a great job! It was touching, illuminating and most importantly, it makes us realise that we by no means have any rights to judge a person simply because of his sexuality. Sounds cliché, is it not? But that’s why we people love it.
Don’t be afraid of being different. It is what makes you you.

Time to sleep, good night!


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