Cliché talk of Love

The word ‘Passion’ according to OED denotes a very powerful feeling, it is often used to describe people in romantic relationships. As a person in love, ‘passion’ is something you want your partner to have. However, we tend to overlook the fact that, this word has another meaning – a sense of suffering, as in the Passion of Christ. Indeed, that the word for suffering became a synonym for romantic love tells you all you need to know about romance.

‘We are never so defenceless against suffering as when we love’ -Sigmund Freud

It is the suffering that manifests love, it is the evidence of the glory of unrequited love that shared among us. It is an inevitable bridge that connects the two hearts to the ultimate happiness and fulfilment. These are what you have been telling yourself or we have led to believe. But It can also be a morbidity, a blind spot, a dangerous habit that will make you lose yourself gradually. One day, you may be surprised by how low you can place yourself in front of him, how much sacrifice you can make for him. But it is nothing to be proud of, you are slowly but surely losing the game of love. “The man will appreciate for what I do for him, yes I’m sure of it.” she said. So you wait wait….until the day he withers away.


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